Past Privileges

Outkast understands what tenants want and delivered designs that appealed to our target markets.
The Outkast team were always there for us, very receptive and very respectful of our concerns and any questions we had. I’d definitely use them again.
Outkast made the office all it could be with the time and money we had... even, I suspect, absorbing some costs rather than hitting me with variations.
"I love the way Outkast bring empty space to life.  They not only add furniture, they bring character, funkiness, colour and bring the outside in, which gives you a different vision and inspiration for a modern tenancy."
"The value of having a partnership with the ability to adapt and respond immediately provides the difference in solution and an exceptional result."
"I wish to express our appreciation for work you have recently completed in 309 George Street. Your ability to undertake tenancy fit-out works, on short notice, has greatly assisted us in attracting tenants to 309 George Street."
"Outkast Design Manage Construct’s  marketing strategies have been fundamental in allowing potential clients to envisage how they can use the space. Their ability to turn around engaging spaces that fulfil market demand, in a short time frame is outstanding."
"We have been consistently impressed with the expertise of the Outkast staff and their obvious understanding of our business objectives. There have been numerous instances where members of the project team have suggested changes, alternative techniques and new solutions that have improved the final product."
"Outkast went above and beyond from initial contact through to completion and we couldn't be happier with the end result. They have fantastic customer service and i definitely recommend them."



Create an office fit out tailored specifically to your business and enjoy a more productive working environment.
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