Office Feasibility Study & Test Fit

When it comes to moving office it’s not as straight forward as finding a space and moving in. A successful office relocation begins with planning, taking into consideration not only your current requirements but also your future needs in conjunction with processes, culture and the facilities your business needs to operate efficiently.

Whilst your project brief provides the foundation of your project, a feasibility study will analyse your business and its processes and procedures, allowing the efficiency of your working environment to be realised.

By challenging your current working methods you can highlight inefficiencies and identify opportunities to improve performance, resulting in significant real estate and financial savings.

The results of a feasibility study will enable your fit out partner to accurately conduct test fits in order to select a property that specifically matches the way in which your business works, allowing for the leanest possible occupancy whilst still allowing for future growth.

Involving your fit out partner in the early stages of your office relocation will result in substantial real estate savings, a productive working environment and the perfect office space selection.

  • Increased staff retention
  • Working environments that are tailored around the individual needs of staff and departments.
  • Flexibility allowing for expansion and retraction of departments
  • Lower real estate costs
  • Lower fit out costs
  • Lower make good costs
  • Smaller cleaning bills


Talk to us today about a feasibility study/test fit and ensure you make the best selection for your business.
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