End-Of-Lease Strip-Outs/ Make Goods

If you are moving office you may be contractually obliged to return your space to the condition it was in at the commencement of your lease in order to receive your bank guarantee back. This is often referred to as a make good and is a standard clause in most commercial leases.

This means upon termination of your lease you must:

  • Demolish and remove all partitions and installations
  • Remove all joinery and fixtures
  • Return all electrical cabling and data to its initial state
  • Ensure standard finishes are restored
  • Any damage is fully repaired

This is where Outkast Kastout comes in. A part of The Outkast Group, Kastout is a  end-of-lease strip-out  and commercial rubbish removal service, specialising in: End-of-lease strip-outs, demolition works, site clean up and business waste removal.

By having an in-house commercial demolition and rubbish removal service, you keep costs down and life easy.



Create an office fit out tailored specifically to your business and enjoy a more productive working environment.
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